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Smart Sensor (TTS-SD-LCD-1/LED-1) display not showing any value.


The display on the smart sensor module (LCD1/LED1) is blank.



B3 devices/i2 devices with Smart Sensor port.


  1. LCDDisplay/LEDDisplay element #2 has a value of 0 which turns off the display
  2. The host controller is not sending power to the SPWR port
  3. It could be a newer version of the smart sensor, see the following TPA


  1. Set LCDDisplay/LEDDisplay[2] to a valid display format value. (see Smart Sensor Installation and User Guide)
  2. Measure the voltage between return and SPWR and make sure it is 8.4 volts DC, if the voltage is not correct disconnect the Smart Sensor and measure again, if the second measurement is correct then the Smart Sensor may need to be replaced, otherwise the host controller may have to be replaced.
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