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SmartStruxure - SE IntesisBox does not support Read Property Multiple (RPM).


Binding a SmartStruxure Analogue value to a Analogue output in the SE IntesisBox (Panasonic Air Conditioning).





Read Property Multiple


Attempting to bind the analogue value to the IntesisBox analogue output causes the following error;


In this case, the AS database has the wrong unit (no-units) associated with the object, since it does not match to the units in the device "Degrees-Celsius" the failure occurs'

This is corrected in StruxureWare Building Operation 1.5, where the unit id is not uploaded if the device does not support read-property-multiple, and it appears from the device documentation, that the IntesisBox does not support RPM.

As an immediate workaround, the user can configure the unit id of the analog output object directly - configure the "Value" property to have a unit of Degrees Celsius. 

To view the IntesisBox Panasonic manual, please click HERE.

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