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SmartStruxure Server lockout after failed logins


After 9 straight failed Workstation login attempts the SmartStruxure server will be locked out. See Workstation lockout message below.

After 3 failed attempts to add an Automation Server to the device administrator the SSH connection will be locked out for the amount of time set in Workstation. 


  • Workstation
  • Putty
  • Device Administrator


In order to protect the SmartStruxure system from potential security threats, there have been login lockouts put into place. Both scenarios of lockouts are only temporary.


Locked out of SmartStruxure Workstation

  • Once there has been 9 consecutive Workstation login attempt failure for a single user, that user will be locked out of Workstation for 1 minute. 

Locked out of an Automation Server in Device Administrator

  • Once there has been 3 consecutive SSH Automation Server login failures through Device Administrator (Adding an Automation Server into Device Administrator via IP address), the Automation Server will be locked out for a default of 15 minutes.
  • The SSH Console Lockout time is configurable and can be changed in the Security Manager section in Workstation. 
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