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SmartStruxure WebReports Installation Errors (1001 while importing report pack)


Getting an Error 1001 near the end of the SmartStruxure WebReports Installation

Reports not functional from WebReports


Web Reports

SQL 2008 R2

Windows Server 2008

Windows Server 2012


This error is caused when the WebReports installer is unable to reach SQL Server Reporting Services to configure the WebReports Interface


After a failed install of WebReports you will need to follow the general workflow:
  1. Clean of the Pieces of the failed install. Use the uninstall process listed in the WebReports Reference Guide or Lessons Learned 12316
  2. Correct all possible causes of the failed install
  3. Verify that you can connect to the ES using http from the Reports Server PC
  4. Verify that you can connect to http://localhost/Reports_SQLInstanceName 
  5. Re-install WebReports.

NOTE: You may be able to correct the issue without having to remove and re-install WebReports.

Possible Issue: The Microsoft Reporting Service SQL databases are not registered

  1. Check through SQL Management Studio that the 2 databases "ReportServer$instance" and "ReportServer$instanceTempDB" are registered. If not, the SBO Web Reports installed have nowhere to place the report pack files.
  2. If they are not there, you need to add them through "Reporting Services Configuration Manager". Click "Database" and then "Change Database". Here you can chose to create new databases.

Possible Issue: Insufficient User Access

  1. Log out of Windows and Log back in using a PC admin account. The account logged in for the install should have full access to windows and be a Db admin in the SQL Server.
  2. Set the User Account Control Settings to Never notify.

Possible Issue: PC Configured as a Domain Server

  1. In the Server manager check that the IIS Role is configured and that there are no Domain Roles assigned to this PC

Possible Issue: Another Application is using a Required SQL function

  1. Uninstall any application which use SQL on this PC. (The Enterprise Server does not Use SQL)
  2. As a Best Practice, the Reports Server should be installed on it's own, dedicated PC.

Possible Issue: Incorrect Version of SQL Server or Windows Server

  1. Check the Reports Server Specification Sheet for your build and verify that you are on the Correct Version of Windows and SQL.

Possible Issue: Secure Connection Level set too high

  1. This issue typically also results in  not being able to log into http://localhost/Reports_SQLExpress.
  2. Log into the Reporting Agent Configuration Manager Application
  3. Click on the Report Manager URL on the left hand column
  4. Click on the http URL
  5. This will give you the correct URL for your installation of SQL
  6. If this fails, browse to C:\ProgramFiles\Microsoft SQL Server\MSRS10_50.SQLEXPRESS\Reporting Services\ReportServer (this may vary based on SQL Installation)  
  7. Modify the CONFIG file "rsreportserver"
  8. Change the Secure ConnectionLevel to "0"
  9. Save the file and attempt to log into http://localhost/Reports_SQLExpress again.
  10. For more details on this property see:

Possible Issue: .NET Framework is not operating correctly.

  1. Download the correct version of .NET framework for you version of StruxureWare. (SBO 1.4.1 and earlier must use .NET 4.0 and 1.5.0 and newer must use .NET 4.5)
  2. Run the installer in "Repair" mode

Possible Isser: The Windows account "appuser" is not created because the default password does not meet password policy requirements

  1. Temporarily disable password policy on the server and try reinstalling
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