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SmartStruxure demo license saves as an XML file


When downloading the SmartStruxure evaluation license from the Buildings Business Extranet it saves as an XML file rather than the correct ASR file type.


Internet Explorer

Buildings Business Extranet


When Windows Internet Explorer downloads a file, it goes through several steps to ensure that the type of the file matches the MIME type declared by the HTTP server. This is known as MIME handling.

Internet Explorer performs a "MIME sniff," scanning the first 200 bytes of the file to determine if the file structure matches any known MIME types. If the MIME sniff detects a MIME type known to Internet Explorer, and the file has not been loaded by a mimefilter already, Internet Explorer sets that file name extension before placing the file in the local browser cache.

Since the content of the SmartStruxure evaluation license is XML a MIME sniff determines the file type as XML despite it's extension being set as .asr

For further information on MIME handling in Internet Explorer see this MSDN article


MIME sniffing can be disabled for certain internet zones from Internet Explorer options:

1. In Internet Explorer select Tools> Internet options

2. Select the Security tab and click Custom level


3. Scroll down and locate the "Enable MIME Sniffing" entry and set it to "Disable"

4. Press OK twice to close the dialogue boxes.

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