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SmartX Controller - Advanced Display Information


Looking for more information on the Schneider Electric Advanced Display offering from the Smart X family of controllers. 


  • SmartStruxure
  • SmartX Controller
  • Advanced Display
  • Technician Tool Mobile App


Unsure where to locate more detail about the Advanced Display and do not know the part numbers to order the products. 


The Advanced Display is a convenient option for users to access, monitor, and service their SmartStruxure system. For additional information please reference the SmartX Controller - Advanced Display documents found on the The Exchange.


The Advanced Display comes with the SmartXKiosk application already installed on it. This app, when launched, limits which other applications may be accessed on the tablet. The only way to exit the Kiosk mode is to enter a six character PIN. Any of the available Schneider Electric apps found on the Google Play Store can be added to the SmartXKisok. 

  • Technician Tool mobile app
  • AdaptiApps custom user apps
  • WebStation

The Technician Tool provides a simplified user interface for operation and maintenance of the SmartStruxure solution.


Communications and Wiring Options

Communication Options Available Availability
Wi-Fi to the BMS network (requires straight USB cable) All SmartStruxure versions
USB direct communication to the Automation Server
(requires Y-shaped USB cable)
Versions 1.7 and newer
Wi-Fi or USB direct communication to the Automation Server Premium
(requires straight USB cable)
Versions 1.7 and newer


The Advanced Display communicates with the SmartStruxure servers through an access point or starting in version 1.7 directly to the Automation Server via the USB port with the application named SmartX-Ad Link.

If using an Automation server, the Y-shaped cable must be used to connect to a locally sourced power supply as well as to the Automation Server. The power required is 5 VDC with a minimum of 500 mA up to 1.3 A. The USB port on the Automation Server Premium (AS-P) has the ability to power the tablet directly thus only requiring a straight USB cable. 



Part number Description
SXWADTAB410001 Advanced Display 7 - inch - - No longer available!
SXWADBUND10002 Advanced Display 10 - inch Bundle
Includes Advanced Display tablet unit, mounting frame, bezel, and Micro USB 2.0 data cable 1 m (3 ft)
SXWADUSBA10001 USB cable, Straight 1.5 m (5 ft) for connection to AS-P or AS-B
SXWADUSBA10002 USB cable, Straight 3.0 m (10 ft) for connection to AS-P or AS-B
SXWADUSBB10001 USB cable, Y-shaped 1.5 m (5 ft) for connection to Automation Server
SXWADUSBB10002 USB cable, Y-shaped 3.0 m (10 ft) for connection to Automation Server


Note: The Advanced Display 10 - inch Bundle does not include a power adapter.  For configurations where the external power adapter is required the appropriate power adapter must be ordered separately for the country in which it will be installed.

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