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Some GCMs on an ethernet network have quit communicating via their ethernet NIM cards.


A network of GCMs are configured with the NIM card in each GCM to allow intercommunications over the ethernet network. Some (or all) of the devices are no longer communicating.  No known changes have been made to the ethernet network.


GCM-86xxx series GCMs with GCM-ETH-1 ethernet network cards

The GCM-ETH-1 network card contains firmware version 11.1F.


Known issue with the older version of the firmware (rev 11.1F)  where network traffic issues can cause communications failures.


If a firmware upgrade kit (GCMA-149-113) is available you should update the firmware in the NIM card to version 11.2T, using the procedure in document F-26229.

In the event that you cannot obtain a firmware upgrade kit or a replacement GCM-ETH-1 NIM card, the procedure documented in Technical Bulletin 99-56, can be used to clear the memory of the NIM card, allowing it to re-establish communications.

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