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Special Day Broadcast configurations in I/NET


 All time schedules on site did not start.

What is the difference between "Global Special Day Broadcast" and "Special Day Broadcast" in the Network Functions?


I/NET Seven 2.xx and greater


Special days are incorrectly configured in the controllers special day calendar as permanent, or are not re-entered each year.


There are two types of broadcast settings available under the Network Functions, Special Day Broadcast option in I/NET.

Using the 'Special Day' broadcast setup in the Network Functions allows only a single temporary 'special day' entry to be sent to selected controllers saved in your network configuration (Netcon).

Using the "Global" special day broadcast the entire special days calendar to the selected controllers in your network configuration (Netcon).  The entries in this calendar can be selected as either temporary or permanent.

Refer to TCON299 TAC I/NET Seven Operator Guide 5/10 Chapter 2-34 (Network Functions – Special Day Broadcast) available on your installed I/NET workstation or from the Download Center).

Also refer to Lessons Learned Article #1768.

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