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Special Day door mode schedule results in failed access


Defined a Special Day for the door mode schedules, but no one gets access, not even a person with a 24/7 schedule.

AMT shows Denied Entry Schedule


I/NET Seven


A. In access control, there are two types of schedules: 
1. Door Mode Schedules
2. Personnel Schedules
If there is a special day defined, there must be corresponding special day entries in all time schedules 

B. Issue Special Days are causing the Elevator to show Denied Entry Schedule in AMT 


  1. Modify the existing personnel schedules
  2. Add an entry for the special day
  3. If it is a system that includes HVAC controls, their associated time schedules will need special day entries as well. If no instructions are given to them for what to do on a special day, they will do nothing.

For further information on setting up Special Day schedules including screen captures, please download this Microsoft Word Doc.

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