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Standard Applications for I/A Series Micronet BACnet (MNB) controllers


Standard Applications for I/A Series Micronet BACnet (MNB) controllers


I/A Series WorkPlace Tech 5.x and above

I/A Series MNB controllers


A library of standard pre-engineered applications for MNB controllers is available. These can be modified and used as a reference for creating MNB applications.


The library of standard applications can be downloaded from The Exchange Download Center. Below is a list of the applications available.

  • DUI Application Stencil Operation Guide
  • Application Objects Video Stencil (Includes DUI_App)
  • Applications - BACnet Zone, VAV, and Unitary Applications using SP and SPP
  • Momentary Start/Stop Object Application Operation Guide
  • Release Notes/Getting Started WPT 5.X
  • Application - BACnet Zone Controller Applications with COV
  • Application - BACnet VAV Box Applications with COV
  • Application - BACnet Unitary Applications with COV
  • Stencil - Application Stencils
  • Application - VAV_Staged_Heat.vst
  • Application - FC_1DX_1EH.vst
  • Application - FC_1PropCL_1PropHT.vst
  • Application - FC_2Pipe_2PosHC_wCO.vst
  • Application - All BACnet Unitary
  • Application - All BACnet VAV Box
  • Application - VAV_Cooling_Only.vst
  • Application - VAV_Floating_Heat.vst
  • Application - AHU_HeatPump.vst
  • Application - VAV_Parallel_Fan_Staged_Heat.vst
  • Application - VAV_Parallel_Fan_Floating_Heat.vst
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