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Standard Library Components for StruxureWare Building Operation


A repository of objects available somewhere for sharing TGML graphics such as Smart Widgets (Power Objects), Camera, Door, Lighting, Reader, override, etc.

Product Line

EcoStruxure Building Operation


StruxureWare Building Operation site with Smart Widgets.


Graphical interface of power object, such as a Power Meter, Power Objects, Camera, Door, Lighting, Reader, override, etc. for viewing in TGML graphics mode.


These objects should appear on the StruxureWare Building Operation Community Site.

However, there is an ongoing centralized effort in producing more objects in a uniform way and the developers have not yet seen the devices they developed objects for.

One of these developers has made objects for these devices: PM710, PM9, PM800, ION6200, Compact NSX.

There are standardized updates in progress for these and also for the PM210.

The community is the best place to get these. PSS does not have a repository of these type of objects.  

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