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Station Conflict


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Station conflicts occur when multiple devices share the same address. This is always the cause, but Identifying the possible addresses can be confusing.

Host Address - The I/NET Configuration unique identifier for each host workstation.  1-250

Link address - The system segment in question. Contains multiple Stations and in DLA multiple sites. 0-99 It is generally advised that you do not use Link 0. The Link will typically define an NPR or Xenta 527. Such as the Link 4 Xenta 527 functions as the bridge between TCP/IP and the Link 4 Controller LAN segment.

Site Address - Only used in DLA architecture.(1-63) 0 is only used in non-DLA NPR devices. The site allows for multiple Controller LAN segments to use the same Link address. This changes the description of a Xenta 527-NPR from Link 6, to Link 6 Site 1 and allows Link 6 Site 2, Site 3 and so on. In DLA architecture, the NPR devices will typically all use the same Station Address.  If link 6 Site 1 uses Station 0, Link 6 Site 2 may also use Station 0.

Station Address - This is the unique identifier for addresses on a physical controller LAN wire.  You may use 0-63, but one must be reserved for the NPR device. Station level controllers are typically referred to in messaging by a 4 digit address.  Link 4 station 12 may be shorted to 0412.  All controllers in an I/NET system must have a unique for digit label of LLSS. The only exception to this is the NPR device as it function as a gateway and can have a site address to make it unique.  Controller LAN level controller do not show a site label.


  • Change the address on one of the offending controllers
  • In DLA situations, you can only duplicate the Station address used by the Xenta 527
  • If a 913 is used on the Controller LAN, it must also have a unique station ID
  • Ensure all Host workstations have unique host ID's
  • Ensure all devices in a DLA architecture have unique Link/Station combinations.  There cannot be 2 Link 4 Station 3s, even if they both have a unique site number.
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