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Stem heater for Forta actuator


There are a few different stem heaters to choose from.

Product Line

Field Devices


  • 8800108000
  • 8800109000
  • 8800110000
  • 8800112000
  • Stem heater
  • Yoke heater


Depending on application, there are a few different stem (yoke) heaters to choose between for the Forta actuators.


When Forta series actuator is used with a Venta valve, stem heater part no 8800108000 should be used when media temp is 0°C to -20°C.

Note: This stem heater is not compatible with the M700 actuator. 

  • If used with V321 DN65-100, stem heater 8800110000 should be used.
  • If used with V222 DN65-100, stem heater 8800112000 should be used.
  • In other applications, yoke heater part no 8800109000 for Forta should be used. Capacity for the yoke heater is: Ambient temp  down to -10°C or media temp down to -8°C 

For more on stem heaters, see Stem heater for V222/V292.

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