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Steps on how to setup BACnet time synchronization to third-party BACnet controllers.


Steps on how to setup BACnet time synchronization to third-party BACnet controllers.


Enterprise Server

Application Server

Third-Party BACnet


Not clear on what is required to setup time synchronization and how to confirm that StruxureWare Building Operation is actually performing it properly.


To use the reference you will need to bring the bCX under the "BACnet Interface\IP Network" before it can be browsed for. To add the time synchronization:

  1. Go to the BACnet Interface "Time Synchronization Recipients" tab.
  2. Add a new "Local time synchronization recipient" with the plus button.
  3. Select recipient type as "reference" and in the "Recipient device object reference" field browse for your BACnet Device.
  4. Press OK and then save the changes.
  5. Right-click on the BACnet Interface and select "send time sync now"; this will send out an unconfirmed-req TimeSynchronization to that specific Device only.


Test Scenario with a bCX setup as a third-party BACnet controller 
You will see this packet being sent in Wireshark but with no response from the bCX so we might not see anything back from third party devices either. The time in the bCX was changed (with Continuum), confirmed the time was different and then a manual time sync from the ES, the time then changed in the bCX.
The same test was accomplished with using the DeviceId of the bCX and that worked as well.


Note: One thing you may want to do is to also setup Wireshark on the network with the 3rd party Devices (with a HUB or mirrored ports) to capture this TimeSynchronization packet. If you see this at the ES end in Wireshark but don't see it at the 3rd party Device end then there is also a routing problem that might be causing problems. 

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