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StruxureWare Building Operation - Editing a Graphic can cause an AS to go offline at the ES.


Communications with an AS can fail when saving a large Graphic.


Changing the threshold setting of Universal Inputs






A large graphic was being edited and when saved, the AS appeared to crash, but had actually gone offline to the ES.


This issue was due to the AS CPU usage, which was found to be very high and was making the AS appear to be offline to the ES, when the graphic was saved.

The graphic that was being edited was accessing a large number of Universal Inputs, and these input values were changing frequently, this in turn was causing the increased CPU usage.

Changing the threshold setting of a Universal Inputs.

  1. Select the properties of the universal input to be adjusted.
  2. View the configuration section and select the threshold value.
  3. Enter an appropriate value for the input being modified.


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