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StruxureWare Building Operation License types


  • StruxureWare Building Operation different types of licenses and all features
  • Difference between Workstation standard and Workstation professional


SBO 1.5 and above


Due to different features of each license, customer may get confused which license to order.


Enterprise Server (1 CAL (Client Access License), Report Server license is included)

  • Part number: SXWSWESXX00001


  • Workstation Standard (1 CAL Workstation license)
    • Part number: SXWSWWORK00001
  • Workstation Professional (1 CAL Workstation license + 1 CAL Editor license)
    • Part number: SXWSWWORK00002

Editor (1 CAL, TGML Graphic Editor + Script Program Editor + Function Block Program Editor + WorkPlaceTech. Program Editor)

  • Part number: SXWSWEDIT00001
Note: There is no part number for WebStation; it is a default feature of the Automation Server and Enterprise Server (with no need for additional licensing)

Activation Key for OpenLNS Server

  • Part number: SXWSWLNSX00001

Web Services

  • EcoStruxure Web Services (run-time) option – Consume only
    • Part number: SXWSWEWSX00001
  • EcoStruxure Web Services (run-time) option – Serve & Consume
    • Part number: SXWSWEWSX00002
  • EcoStruxure Web Services (run-time) option – Serve & Consume, plus Historical trend log data
    • Part number: SXWSWEWSX00003
  • Web Services (Generic Consume) option
    • Part number: SXWSWGWSX00001

Technical Tool Mobile APP

  • 1 CAL
    • Part number: SXWSWMAPP00001
  • 10 CAL
    • Part number: SXWSWMAPP00002
  • 25 CAL
    • Part number: SXWSWMAPP00003
  • Unlimited
    • Part number: SXWSWMAPP00004

See SmartStruxure solution v1.5 Part Number Summary for additional part number information.

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