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StruxureWare Building Operation Webstation - Adding an object to an already opened Trend chart does not work correctly.


Adding an object to an already opened Trend chart does not work correctly.



Open chart

Adding objects


An AS or ES is logged into using a Webstation, and an existing Trend chart is opened. An object is then selected in the System Tree, and then using the right-hand menu, the "Open Chart" and "Add to already open chart" is selected. Values are not added to the already opened chart.


This issue is caused by a Java 7 update 51 a specific fix is not available.

Possible workarounds;

  • Use an earlier version of Java.
  • Change Java security level to Medium.
  • Add site to the exception list

For further details on "adding to the exception list", please refer to Lessons Learned 13698.

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