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StruxureWare Building Operation - When documents are edited from the system tree, on occasions any changes made can be lost.


When documents are edited from the system tree, on occasions any changes made can be lost.



Changes not saved

Changes lost


When documents are opened from system tree, and edited, after clicking save, and closing the word document, 20-30% of the time, SmartStruxure does not prompt to save the changes to SmartStruxure and the changes are lost.


This issue has been recorded in defect 21767, and is due to be addressed in release 1.4 SP1.

There are two scenarios where this issue may occur;

1 - Changing windows and minimizing.

  • Open document  from the system tree.
  • Switch back to Workstation and minimize the window.
  • Close the document currently being edited.
  • In this situation, you are not prompted to save the document, and all changes are lost.


If the Workstation is minimized, SmartStruxure will not pick up the changes to the document.

2 - The second scenario relates to the "Save" prompts presented to the user.

  • Open document and make changes.
  • Close the document using the X
  • You are presented with two prompts to save the document, the first is the original document name, and the second is the name given when added to the system tree. If "Yes" is not selected to both prompts, then any changes can be lost.


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