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StruxureWare WebReports - Changing the PC name.


There is a requirement to change the StruxureWare WebReport server name.


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  • SQL Server


Changing the WebReports server name after the WebReports software has been installed, does not change the PC name references in the Webreports or the database.


If possible, ensure that the PC name will not need to be changed after the PC has been configured for StruxureWare WebReports.

If having configured a PC for StruxureWare WebReports, the PC name has to be changed, then uninstall the StruxureWare WebReports software, ensuring that the following process is followed step by step.

Below is an overview of the uninstall process, the exact details are shown in section 15.11 of the WebReports Reference Guide.

15.11 Uninstalling WebReports

Complete the following tasks to uninstall WebReports and the WebReports database:

  1. Uninstall the WebReports application and services using Windows Control Panel
  2. Delete the WebReports database using Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio
  3. Delete the WebReports reports using SQL Server Reporting Services Report Manager
  4. Remove the virtual directories for WebReports and the WebReports service using Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager
  5. Remove the WebReports application pools using the Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager
  6. Delete the appuser and IUSR accounts using SQL Server Reporting Services Report Manager, Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio, and Windows Computer Manager.

Please note that having uninstalled the StruxureWare WebReports software, SQL Server should also be reinstalled having changed the PC name first.

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