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Sunrise/Sunset Settings on a PCU


Sunrise/Sunset Settings on a PCU


  • Sunrise/Sunset Time Schedule


Are you using Sunrise/Sunset settings on a PCU to control lights and they are turning on and not off when they should? There could be several things that would cause this not to function properly:

  1. Do you have the correct Latitude/Longitude and Zone Settings?
  2. Are you using a 0-Stop for Sunrise and 1-Start for Sunset?
  3. Are you using the correct Control Descriptions for Time Schedules?

The TS in the PCU sends a 0 command (first of the pair) to the control point for the Start action and a 1 command (second of the pair) for the Stop action. If the Control Description pairs in your application are set to send a 0 (de-energize) command as a Start then simply switch the Sunrise action to be a Start and sunset to Stop.


There are a couple of workarounds to this issue depending on the way the relays are terminated and the settings for the first of the pair in Control Descriptions.

  1. Using the Sunrise/Sunset settings, a third start command for 1 minute after midnight (12:01 AM) sends a re-enforce command to the controller.
  2. Use actual times instead of sunrise/sunset as long as the times used are well after both the Sunrise /Sunset settings have elapsed.
  3. Verify the correct latitude and longitude are set. Here is a website to check the exact location:
  4. Additional information on the Airnav site and a new work around.
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