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Support for LON "File based CPT products"


Support for LON "File based CPT products"








Downloads / Uploads to the Roombox LON, and other "File based CPT products" fail.


The Roombox controller uses the File based CPT's, and StruxureWare Building Operation does not support this, this means that uploads / downloads will always fail.

  • SCPT is an acronym for Standard Configuration Parameter (Types).
  • UCPT is an acronym for Used (defined) Configuration Parameter (Types).
  • CPT is an acronym for Configuration Parameters (Types). (Both SCPT and UCPT).


In the LonWorks technology it’s possible for the Vendor of the device, to implement these variables in three ways:

  1. As NV's (network variables)
  2. As “DMA type variables”, (meaning they just reside in the devices flash memory at known addresses)
  3. As “File Type” variables, (meaning they are located inside a logical file in the device)


StruxureWare Building Operation can handle type 1 and 2 above. But not type 3 at the current release (1.5)..


There is a fairly easy way to determine this, which is from the device’s XIF file.

If the XIF file contains these variables, (or at least the two first), then the SCPT's / UCPT's in this device ARE implemented as File type variables, and StruxureWare Building Operation can’t handle them.

  • nviFileReq
  • nvoFileStat
  • nviFilePos

Most of the devices having this, are using Loytec’s chip, so typically this can be: Lvis, Linx and many gateways from Loytec., but there are other products to. These devices are not easily commission in StruxureWare Building Operation.

However Product Support Services can assist you to edit the XIF file, so that the device can be commissioned.

Note - The SCPT's / UCPT's will be removed from the device, so these will not be visible (and of course not changeable) from StruxureWare Building Operation. Access to NV's will be as normal.

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