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Sync time in Cyberstation and Server


Time Synchronization in Cyberstation 

Product Line

Andover Continuum, EcoStruxure Building Operation


Multiple Cyberstation Workstations


Security or HVAC and want to have exact time stamp from two or more Cyberstation workstations


Continuum uses the Workstation time for events and transactions which are recorded in the database.

Time Synchronization with the Server is not critical since they have internal time logs with the SQL database. 

Time Synchronization with the Cyberstations so they have the exact time stamp on events and transactions is done by synchronizing the Windows workstation time to either a Network Time Server (NTS) (see Public time sync Servers for the United States) or by a third party software or device.

  1. Recommended is the Windows time which automatically synchronizes with the Domain Controller when logging in.
  2. If the computer(s) is not on a domain, double click on the clock in the lower right hand corner. This opens up the time settings and has a third tab as shown in image below:

    Select to synchronize with the Static IP Address of a primary workstation which can be seen by this computer.
  3. Visit Google and search for "Synchronize the time with Windows Time service" for your operating system
  4. If Internet access is not available, there are 3rd party USB and PCI devices available which synchronize with the Atomic Clock via radio frequency. Check your local listing to see if available.
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