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SysmanSMS stops sending SMS from Vista


  • SysmanSMS stops sending SMS from Vista


  • SysmanSMS
  • Vista


It is not uncommon that anti-virus software perceives perfectly clean files as viruses. This is a growing problem as the amount of viruses are continuously growing, and the likeliness that they may share similarities in the code with a SysmanSMS file thereby increases.


Check if the terminal is running an antivirus, and look in its quarantine. Recent updates to some antivirus applications incorrectly identify parts of the Sysman application as a risk.

Investigate the antivirus' quarantine folder and note the files and paths which they originally came from. Restore the quarantined files either using the antivirus' restore feature, or manually return them to their original locations. Restart the Sysman services

In Windows services, restart TAC Vista Server and Workstation


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