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TA STL-SR Valves


Replacement actuator for the STL-SR valve




Replacement actuator for a STL-SR valve


A M800 actuator or MV15B-24 or MV15B-230 actuator can be used to replace the actuator on the STL-SR valve series. Click here for the STL-SR datasheet.


The original actuator e.g. M5CP, may have had a potentiometer fitted to provide position feedback to the controller. There is no direct replacement, the controller, actuator and valve may have to be changed. As a workaround, The M800 provides a 2-10V feedback, using a signal conditioner this could be converted to a resistive feedback.

The original actuator may have had end switches fitted, order end switches to suit the replacement actuator.

The M800 when used in floating control mode (dip switch 2= On) requires 4 wires. The original actuator used 3 wires to provide floating control.

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