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TAC 200 OTP Controller replacement battery


TAC 200 OTP Controller replacement battery information


Site with TAC 200 OTP Controller 


On-board battery is in need of replacement

Part number - 200-1005-000

Here is additional information:
TAC 200 OTP compensator and optimiser
TAC 200 OTP is a compensator and an optimiser. It controls the heating via a
boiler output and a mixing valve or via two stages of gas boilers.
TAC 200 OTP can be operated with or without a room sensor.
The controller has an easy-to-use operator’s panel and needs virtually no maintenance.

TAC 200 OTP is also described in the following documents, all available in English :
• Data sheet TAC 200 OTP C-10-31
The data sheet contains a comprehensive specification of the controller and should be read together with the handbook (part number 0-003-1148).
• A brief instruction
A small leaflet normally placed in a slot in the operator’s panel (part number 0FL-3564).
• User’s manual TAC 200 OTP
The user’s manual (part number 0FL-3563) is a description for installation and start-up, packed together with the unit. The contents are a condensed version of chapter 2 in this manual and a mounting instruction.

Manuals are available here.


Replacement battery is 342200360 CAP, .22 F 5.5V RM5 

Picture can be downloaded here.

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