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TAC Central IPCL Interpreter unexpectedly starts with Vista Server and this window cannot be closed.


When Vista Server starts another window opens up with the title of TAC Central IPCL Interpreter. This window will not close while Vista Server is running.



Vista Server 4.xx, 5.x.x


TAC Central IPCL Interpreter is a tool used for programming and communication management for legacy System 7 controllers that predate Vista 3.3.

In the absence of System 7 hardware the TAC Central IPCL Interpreter was started and configured to run automatically by mistake with the Vista Server interface.


Disable the Automatic Start of the CIPCL Interpreter.

  1. Start Vista Server
  2. Select File->Log In.
  3. Log in to the Vista Server.
  4. Select Configure->CIPCL ->Auto Start.
  5. Restart Vista Server to confirm the program does not launch again.
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