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TAC Dump Helper for TAC Server


In some instances, Product Support Services may require you to execute this batch file to record Vista Server errors. This is not a required file and should only be executed under the direction of PSS.


  • TACDumpHelper
  • Vista Server


Vista Server fails to run correctly 


To run TACDumpHelper, the batch file is to be run manually.

  1. Unzip TacDumpHelper to a directory of your choice. or (64bit)
  2. Start Tacos.exe (Vista Server)
  3. Run start.bat
  4. Choose to monitor a crash - Press 2
  5. Choose which process to monitor - Tacos.exe - Press 1
  6. Wait for the application to crash.
  7. The dump files will be saved in the same folder where start.bat is located. 
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