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TAC Graphic Clipart Library


TAC Graphic Clipart library is a collection of clipart to use as a starting point for an image based graphic page.  There are pieces for building air handler ductwork, controlled equipment, dampers and actuators, and water side equipment.


I/NET gpg graphic

Vista ogc graphic


Without libraries to build a background image for HVAC equipment, it can be difficult to create user-friendly graphic pages to display dynamic data.  In a graphic editor that relies on bitmaps or jpgs to build the airflow diagrams, floor plans, water side diagrams, etc, this library can be used as a starting point.


  1. Download the attached .zip file.
  2. Unzip the contents to a location on the hard drive of the computer that will be used to edit the graphic pages.
  3. Browse the contents of the .zip file.  It will be separated into logical folders.
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