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TAC License server can't be started


TAC License server can't be started.

TAC license server crashes


TAC Vista 5.1.8


The license server can't start if there is a DEMO license in the same folder as the "real" license.

Note that in 5.1.8 the default path to the license files have changed to: C:\Program Files\Schneider Electric\License Server\TacLic\Licenses

Any license files that are in the old directory will be moved to the new one when upgrading. If you need to use DEMO licenses for a site you can add them to a separate directory and add that directory in the license setup.


  1. Delete any DEMO licenses in:
    C:\Program Files\Schneider Electric\License Server\TacLic\Licenses
  2. Go to services and start TACLicenseServer
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