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TAC Vista Server stops communicating with LonWorks devices


From time to time TAC Vista Server stops communicating with LonWorks devices and needs to be restarted


TAC Vista Server



There can be various reasons for this. One of the reasons can be, that one or more devices is flooding TAC Vista Server with communication, and the communication finally stops.

Among other things, this can be due to one or more TAC Xenta's suffering from the rare memory fault issue described in this TPA, or that the system program in the TAC Xenta device has become corrupt.

To identify the issue, make a communications log as described in article #7012, and open the log with the "TAC Vista Comm. Log Decoder". Filter on "C1" messages, and check if there's extensive communication from one or more devices. If that's the case, you have identified that file transfer loop is the issue.



The first thing to try, is to update the system program in the Xenta. Follow article #4007 for instructions on how to do that.

If that doesn't work, replace the Xenta device(s) causing the massive file transfer

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