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TAC Vista User license settings in 2008 Server R2


License settings for different users on Win2008 Server R2 differs from previous versions OS.

The user that installs the license system (either with TAC Vista or as a standalone) will make the initial license configuration in the .Default user in the registry. Next time a new user (that has never logged on to this server before) logs on to the PC, the default license settings are copied to this users profile.
Then the user who has installed the license system logs in to the server, and changes the license settings. Now, when the second user logs in again, the license settings are the same as they were in the beginning. It seems that these settings are not stored in the general system settings, but actually in the domain users profile that are fetched upon login.

So, all users that have logged in with wrong or not updated license settings, will have to login again and change their settings.


Windows 2008 Server R2

TAC Vista


Unable to access licenses when logging in with other account than used when changing license path.


If changes are done to the license path ,every user has to manually change their settings to get the system to work. Or, a batch file or similar has to be run upon login to change settings in question.

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