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TAC Xenta IO module neuron ID's missing after migration to SBO


After migrating a TAC Vista export containing TAC Xenta IO modules to SBO, some or all TAC Xenta IO modules are missing the neuron ID's



TAC Xenta

IO module


During the migration, the TAC Xenta IO modules are matched on their name. If the name in TAC Vista differs from the actual name in the associated Menta file, the match can't be made and the properties on the IO modules can not be set.

Example of this scenario

In TAC Vista


In TAC Menta


1. Edit the Menta application through TAC Vista Workstation

2. Rename the IO modules in Menta

3. Save to Vista

4. Device gets dirty and need download - download to get rid of the dirty mark

5. Export database in through TAC Vista Workstation

6. Convert to SBO using the Conversion Tool

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