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TAC Xenta alarms comes in with a different priority in StruxureWare Building Operation


TAC Xenta alarms with priority 1 in Menta comes in with a priority of 100 in StruxureWare Building Operation


StruxureWare Building Operation 1.2

TAC Menta

TAC Xenta 301, TAC Xenta 302, TAC Xenta 401, TAC Xenta 281, TAC Xenta 282


This is per design. Since Building Operation 1.2 has priorities from 0-1000, it would fit more to have alarm priorities from 100- 900. All alarm priorities from TAC Xenta will be multiplied by 100 by default.

You can change the priority in Building Operations, if you want 0-9 instead.


This is per design.

To change it back, open properties for the alarm and change the priority

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