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TCP/IP Ports used by the I/NET system: UDP Port Settings


Ports are required to be open for I/NET to communicate

Need to know the UDP TCP/IP port settings for I/NET.

File Equalization failure or NPR devices not coming online

Some links (NPRs) are showing offline and can not be connected too, while others work fine.






A Firewall may be blocking ports required for File Equalization and I/NET communication to occur.


You will need to work with the IT department to verify these settings.

I/NET communications occurs through port 50069.

When using File Equalization you will also need to ensure that ports 1433 and 1434 are open as these are used by SQL.

Integral DVR communicates to I/NET on port 18772

For systems with 527 devices or other Xenta servers, please review Lessons Learned Article #4107.

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