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TCP/IP Settings required for an I/NET Seven Installation (Ethernet Speed Settings)


TCP/IP Network Settings required for an I/NET Seven Installation.  If the incorrect network speed is used, communication with the NPR-2000 and the Xenta 527 will fail.


TCP/IP Network

I/NET Seven

NPR-2000, Xenta 527


I/NET works on 10 Mb/Second (also known as 10-half).  The NPR-2000s and the Xenta 527 will only function on 10-half.


I/NET requires Microsoft's TCP/IP protocol. While I/NET Seven can coexist with another vendors networking software, (Novell or Banyan, for example) it will not use any other version of TCP/IP. You can add Microsoft's TCP/IP in the Network options of the Control Panel.

Most modern Ethernet Switch gear should be set to "Auto Negotiate" for 10/100mb speed required by a device, but speed is an important factor for proper communication.  I/NET can only run on a 10 Mb/Second network. Old style NetPlus Routers(NPR-2000), Xenta  527 NPR, and Xenta 527 Web require 10 Mb/Second.  See TCON 300 (from the Technical Reference Manual included on the I/NET installation CD) for further details. 

TCON 300 has all of this information on pages 1-9; 1-33 & 1-34

Because this is not an individual PC configuration, assistance from the building IT staff will likely be required.

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