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Telnet Port 23.


Port 23 is opened through Telnet and can provide a security access breach into a system.


All versions of I/Net Software on Win 7 OSs.


When the Delta Debug tables are set to 1 or 2, it opens up port 23 for use but also Telnet can be used as well.


The following steps need to be followed to resolve this issue:

1. Go to Run and type regedit


3. Expand the Software tab and expand CSI-Control Systems International

4. Open up the Configurations tab and click on the Active Configuration that is currently running in I/Net

5. On the right side window, scroll down to Debug Tables, right click and modify the setting

6. Change the value to a 0, close out of it, close I/Net and I/o server and restart it again.

P.S. This should close that port but be aware that Telnet would not be able function when this is done.

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