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Testing SNMP alarms with SmartStruxure


There's no full end to end description on how to test SNMP alarms in SmartStruxure 1.6.0 RC and later





Only a guide on how to create the SNMP alarms is available, but there is no guide available on how to test them.

For general information regarding SNMP traps, refer to the following Web Help links:

Versions 1.6 and 1.7

Version 1.8 and later


[1] Download and install "MIB Browser" from iResoning

[2] Download the mib file for SmartStruxure

[3] Load the SmartStruxure mib file into the MIB Browser through "File"-->"Load MIBs", and select the SmartStruxure mib file


[4] Create a simple alarm in SmartStruxure and make it trigger on a digital point


[5] Create a SNMP notification with the following settings. Remember that you can only get to the conditions/filter by opening (double click on it or hit enter) the SNMP notification. Only showing the properties of it won't show the filter settings.

"Address" should be the address of the SNMP manager that receives the SNMP notification, in this test localhost since the SNMP manager is installed locally.

"User name" is the user name of the user on the SNMP manager that receives the notification.

In filter settings, select normal and alarm state, and add "Source server = *" as a condition


[6] In the MIB browser, select "Tools"-->"Trap Receiver"

[7] Trigger the alarm in SmartStruxure

[8] You should now get an alarm in the MIB browsers trap receiver window

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