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The BACnet Flow Balance Tool does not display the updated k-factor after balancing. How do I read it so that I can update the application file?


In the LON Flow Balance program the k-factor calculated by the balance process can be displayed at the end of the procedure.  I cannot determine how to read it in the BACnet Flow Balance program.  The value is needed so that the application file can be updated so that if the controller needs to be re-downloaded, it will not need to be balanced again.


BACnet  MNB-V1 or MNB-V2 controller

WorkPlace Tech Tool software release 5.7.2 or newer  (Optional, for backup)


The BACnet Flow Balance process uses a procedure that results in a more accurate flow calibration process. As a result of this process the rate box flow value does not get re-calculated during the balance process.


The BACnet MNB-V1 & MNB-V2 controllers do not rely on a calibration constant (k-factor) stored in the application.  The Flow Balance calibration data is stored separately from the application data so that a revised application file can be downloaded to a controller without losing any of the recorded air balance calibration data.  The Flow Balance data is also saved as part of the file produced by the controller backup function of the Workplace Commissioning Tool.  Refer to the WorkPlace Tech Tool 5.7.2 release notes for more information.

The Flow Balance calibration data can be displayed after balancing the BACnet MNB-V1 or MNB-V2 controller by clicking on "Balance Data" in the menu on the left side of the Flow Balance screen.  The Flow Balance Data screen shows the data entered and produced as a result of the flow balance process.  Refer to the figure "Flow Balance Reporting -- Flow Balance Details" in the Air Balancing chapter (Chapter 5) of the "MicroNet BACnet Commissioning Tool / Flow Balance Users Guide", F-27358 for more details. 

In addition to being able to manually display the balance data for a single controller, both the BACnet Flow Balance program and the WorkPlace Commissioning tool can generate a flow balance for any or all of the BACnet VAV controllers on the jobsite. Refer to the section "Flow Balance Reporting" in the Air Balancing chapter (Chapter 5) of the "MicroNet BACnet Commissioning Tool / Flow Balance Users Guide", F-27358 for more details.  The resulting report is automatically saved when it is generated and the HTML version can be displayed / printed without the need to reopen it in the BACnet Flow Balance program.

In addition to being able to manually re-enter the balance data into a replaced controller, Release 5.7.2 of the WorkPlace Tech Tool software introduced a software function that allows the complete application including COV subscription data and flow balance calibration data to be backed up.  Should it be necessary to replace a controller, the WorkPlace Commissioning Tool can be used to restore the backup into the new controller.  Refer to the "WorkPlace Tech Commissioning Tool Backup and Restore feature" section on page 10 of the release notes (F-27526-3) for more information.  The release notes are available here.

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