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The DRF kit must be installed before any device is created in Lonmaker or NL220


Unable to use plug-ins to configure devices in LonMaker or NL220, even after installing the DRF kit.


  • LonMaker
  • NL220
  • Device Plug-in


The DRF (Device Resource Files) kit is not installed before devices are added in Lonmaker or NL220 (and other tools)


The DRF kit must be installed and properly registered in the PC before any devices are created. If you are in this situation you will need to remove all devices and the device templates and you need to start all over. It is therefore recommended that the DRF kit are installed before adding any device and that you create one device and test the plug-in to make sure that the DRF kit are properly registered before adding a number of devices into the database.

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