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The Forced-By-Operator checkbox option is displayed in Webstation TGML graphic even though the point is set to read-only in Vista Workstation.


A forced value from Vista Webstation does not reflect that is has been changed.

A value that has been changed to read-only in Vista Workstation is still able to be forced from Vista Webstation.


  • Vista Webstation using TGML graphics
  • Vista Workstation using read-only attributes on a value that can be forced.


When forcing a value in Vista Webstation, a right click will display the "forced" check box and change value field regardless if the value has an attribute of read-only. 

To Webstation users, it will appear as if the ability to change any value is working.  All changes to a read-only value will be ignored by Workstation because there is not a write attribute for the User. The value in the Webstation TGML graphic will not update to reflect the desired forced change. The rejected change is never propagated back to Webstation which could give the impression that something is wrong in Vista. 


If the user should be able to make a forced override of the value, modify the Read attribute to Read-Write.

A solution to the issue is to grant access to the points needing changed after creating a 'User' user.  It is best in any environment to restrict all access and grant where necessary making the system less vulnerable to attacks by having a restriction not in place. If you grant access to everything for the user then restrict access, the possibility for unauthorized changes in a system are more likely.


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