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The Network Service account doesn't show when searching in the webclient dcom configuration (dcomcnfg)


The Network Service account doesn't show when searching by using the Find button in webclient dcom configuration.

dcomcnfg is used to set permissions for the network service for components in webclient and by default the wrong context may be selected.


Webclient 1.8x

Webclient 1.9x

Windows Server 2003

Windows Server 2008


When using dcomcnfg (DCOM configuration) the context of the search for the user account is not correct, so the account isn't found when using the Find button.



  1. Start> Run>dcomcnfg
  2. Select one of the 4 components to configure
  3. Select the security tab
  4. Select the Customize radio button and select Edit
  5. In the Launch Permissions dialog select the ‘Add’ button
  6. In the Select Users, Computer or Groups dialog select LOCATION
  7. Select the PC name of the webclient PC and click OK
  8. Click on Advanced and select Network Service and add Local Launch and local activation
  9. Repeat this for the other 3 components.
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