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The ProView wizard in Niagara R2 creates a pop-up error when it is accessed in WorkPlace Pro. The error indicates the lack of a resource file.


The appropriate jar files have been installed in the host computer and in the UNC-520's remote library.  See article # 5621 for the list.  The shadow object for ProView successfully pasted to the Workspace.  Right-clicking on the shadow object and selecting the wizard generates a pop-up error indicating a missing resource file.


Niagara R2



The host computer has never been used previously to configure ProView and the installer program was not performed.

The lonworks bin directory is missing the executable named DRFupdate.exe.  Also, there are other support files that should exist in this directory.


Run the installer executable file which comes with the ProView zip package on the host computer.  The ProView zip package can be downloaded from The Exchange Download Center.

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