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The Reader Beeps Continually when Connected to the Door Controller


The card reader beeps continually when connected to the door controller with the Sounder cable connected.




There may be several causes for this situation:

  1. The door which this reader belongs to isn't configured.
  2. The polarity setting of the reader beeper isn't correct.
  3. This reader port is damaged due to certain cause.


The following steps need to be followed:

  1. For cause 1, configure the door and reader in Door parameter.
  2. For cause 2, click "Sounder" button in the Door parameter window and change the "Polarity" setting correctly. Usually change from "High" to "Low".
  3. For cause 3, send the door controller to repair.

For how to set up a beeper in I/NET, refer to Lesson Learned Article #8337.

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