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The Response Speed is very slow when Add Points in 3rd Party OPC Client from Vista OPC Server for the 1st time


When adding points in 3rd party OPC client from Vista OPC server for the 1st time, the response speed is very slow. For example, for about 1000 points, there will be about 20 minutes to finish the 1st time insertion. The LTA is Xenta server.


Vista OPC Server

Xenta Server


A Xenta server can only read maximum 10 to 15 values per second on the Lonworks side. And for Vista OPC server, it will poll all the points for their values from controller when these points are added in 3rd party OPC client for the first time. So the communication load will be very high for this process, especially for huge amount of points added simultaneously, which exceeds the LonWorks communication capability of Xenta server.


To solve this issue, the OPC server computer can be disconnected from the LonWorks network first. Then add these points in OPC client when the OPC server is offline. The speed will increase greatly. Then connect the OPC server to the LonWorks network, and the fresh interval of the first will also be very quick.

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