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The Save to Flash exclamation point (!) (bang) shows on a Continuum BACnet controller object and indicates that the controller 'requires flash backup' but won't save t...


The Save to Flash exclamation point (bang) shows on a Continuum BACnet controller object. Hovering over the icon, a tooltip comes up indicating that the controller 'requires flash backup'. However when performing a backup to flash, a result comes back that the 'controller doesn't need flash backup' and the exclamation icon remains. Re-loading the controller and performing a send to database have no effect.




B3 Field Devices


Controller's re-start mode not configured to use cool start (cool start = restoring DB from flash backup)


Set controller's ACCRestartMode system variable to one of the modes below that includes cool start.

The available re-start modes are (except in the b3885 and b3885-V):

ACCWarmStartOnly 0
ACCCoolStartOnly 1
ACCWarmToCool    2

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