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The Save to Flash exclamation point (!) (bang) shows on a Controller object and indicates that the controller 'requires flash backup' but won't save to flash.


The Save to Flash exclamation point (bang) shows on a Controller object. Hovering over the icon, a tooltip comes up indicating that the controller 'requires flash backup'. However when performing a backup to flash, a result comes back that the 'controller doesn't need flash backup' and the exclamation icon remains. Re-loading the controller and performing a send to database have no effect.


Continuum Controllers


The ObjectStatus attribute of the controller, or an object in the controller, may be fixed on and falsely reporting a save to flash is required when one is not.


Toggle the ObjectStatus attribute by forcing it to a value of zero:

  1. In Continuum Explorer, find the controllers that have bangs on them
  2. Browse in these controllers and see if there are any objects with bangs on them.
  3. Run a  Default Class Listview on those objects that show bangs
  4. In the listview, select the object(s) that are affected, right-click and SetAttribute for the ObjectStatus attribute to 0. This will reset the bang until it gets set when the flash again needs to be updated..

Also, refer to Lessons Learned Article #4588.

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