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The TAC Xenta group master is online but not the other Xenta devices in the group.


The TAC Xenta group master is online but not the other Xenta devices in the group.


TAC Vista 5.1.x

Classic network

Menta 5.1.x


The TAC Xenta Group Master is a TAC Xenta 301/302/401/901 (in the TAC Xenta Group) that monitors the on-line and off-line status of the TAC Group and its members. The Group Master forwards the on-line and off-line information to TAC Vista. If devices have been added it's possible that  the current group isn't updated.


The entire Xenta group must know it has a new device for proper communication to occur. To accomplish this download the applications and parameters to the entire group.  If the Group master goes off-line, the whole group will be considered off-line by TAC Vista. The separate on-line group members, however, can send alarms and other information directly to TAC Vista as usual.

Information about resolving this issue with an LNS network can be found in Lessons Learned Article #1905.

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