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The UltiVist server is not operating properly


  • Trends no longer collect
  • Alarms have stopped annunciating
  • Programming changes to any segment do not work
  • A reboot of the UltiVist software and/or of the server does not clear up the issues


UltiVist server


When this behavior appears unexpectedly on a system that has operated solidly for several years, it is likely that the UltiVist buffer files have grown to an unmanageable size. When this occurs, features and functions of the UltiVist software stop working.


As a good housekeeping step, delete all the existing buffer files. UltiVist will re-create new ones when it is re-started.

Here's how to delete the buffer files:

  1. Exit UltiVist and shutdown all background programs using "Arnold"
  2. Using OS/2, delete any & all buffer files on the partition which the UltiVist software is installed. There will be many located in different directories and sub-directories. The buffer files have many different filenames but all have the same filename extension of ".d$$".  
    CAUTION: On the root directory of the root drive, there exists a file named "WS_ID.D$$". Do NOT delete this file.
  3. Restart the UltiVist software.
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