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The Veris H8920-3 Lon Integrator will not update its Lon SNVTs unless a fetch is performed.


The Veris H8920-3 will not update its Lon SNVTs unless a fetch is performed. The H8920-3 shadow object in the Niagara R2 UNC-410 will not update automatically.


Niagara R2, UNC-410, UNC-510, UNC-520
Veris H8920-1, H8920-3, H8920-4, H8920-5


The Veris H8920-3 Auto Propagate Feature is not configured to automatically update all network variables. The Auto Propagate Feature of the H8920-3 must be set accordingly for its network variables to be automatically updated to the UNC.


The following steps configure the H8920-3 Integrator to automatically update it variables to the UNC.

  1. Open the UNC-xxx station in WorkPlace Pro.
  2. Expand the folder containing the H8920-3 shadow object
  3. Right-click and open the H8920-3 properties
  4. Click on the OpenLoopSensor tab and then Config tab
  5. Set the nciMaxSendTg to and value above its default of “0”. (suggested value is 100)

The Veris H8920-3 Integrator will now periodically update its network variables to the UNC.

NOTE: The following is an excerpt from the Veris H8920-x Installation Guide:
The H8920-x automatically propagates all network variables. If nciMaxSendTg is set above zero (default is zero), all variables are propagated periodically. Units are in tenths of a second. For example, if nciMaxSendTg is set to 100, the H8920-1 will automatically propagate all variables every 10 seconds.

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