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The error messages "LogService.archive: SQL Exception: Container 1,342,197,790,972 not found." and "Close pooled Connection" is displayed in the Standard ou...


The Enterprise Server’s archives are not updating and the following message is displayed in the Standard Output Window:
     ERROR: LogService.archive: SQL Exception: Container 1,342,197,790,972 not found.
     ERROR: LogService.archive: Force close of Connection!
     WARNING: Closed Pooled connection [ConnectionPool]
     ERROR: XSCH1: Container 1,342,197,790,972 not found.


Niagara R2 Enterprise Server – all versions


The “SQL Exception” error and “Closed pooled connection” warning appears to indicate a corruption within the Cloudscape SQL database.


In this instance, the app folder became corrupt when copied between builds during an upgrade.  The original app folder was simply recopied. The second copy of the app folder copied without errors.


The following would apply in instances were the original app folder is corrupt:

 First, try and recover the Cloudscape database and repair the corruption using the console and the dbadmin command.  After stopping the station, open the console and run the command at the prompt:

           dbadmin recover

 The software will search through the Cloudscape SQL database and attempt to clear the errors and recover the database.  If this is unsuccessful, you may have to remove the APP folder from the station and start over. 


To remove the Enterprise Server’s app folder:

Stop the server’s database and delete its app folder.  A new app folder will be created when the server is restarted. 


Note: All archived information will be lost when the app folder is deleted.






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